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Architectural, Structural, and Interior Design drawings are our specialty but we have the skills and expertise to take on any project - at any scale. 

At Drafthub, we believe in bringing the technology of tomorrow to our clients. All of our in-house modelling is done using the latest Autodesk Revit ® 3D  software with an emphasis on the promotion of BIM*. Real-time rendering plug-ins are also utilized to walk through your project and make informed decisions -  soon to be enhanced with the aid of Virtual Reality. 

We understand that one of the main challenges facing the Architectural, Engineering and Construction industry today is coordination. Quality of construction drawings and documentation often varies between disciplines within a project and are often out of sync with one another. This can lead to construction delays, costly errors and general confusion on the job site.  As a solution, we believe in and promote a centric approach to construction drawings. A single model or "hub"  to contain all the necessary information, centralizing any changes which occur during planning or construction. A tremendous amount of data input goes into a successful construction project, yet rarely is all that data coordinated into the drawings and presented in a clear, concise and easy to interpret manner.


No matter the project shape, size or budget - we always strive to synchronize drawings to real-world changes efficiently and tailor the construction drawings and documentation to each individual project.


Owner/Founder/BIM Enthusiast

*BIM stands for Building Information Modelling. It is an approach to the design and building process with an established digital model. It allows further insight into the build and a foresight to potential problems before the project deployment.

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